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G.N.Henley,Inc. employs the latest technology available for our estimating and construction operations. We take detailed estimates and quantity take-off information to a whole different level with the utilization of professional estimating and digital 3-D take-off software that allows us to build the jobs prior to any material or machinery moving. This enables us to work closely with our clients to identify possible value engineering alternatives or address site conflicts and design issues before construction begins.

We then take this technology to the field with the implementation of machine grade control and laser surveying to provide the highest quality finish product in a safe and efficient manner.

Services Offered.

-Residential Development-
-Commercial Development-
-Preliminary Budgeting and Permit Acquisition-
-Design Build-
-Site Work-
-Mass Excavation-
-Geotechnical Landslide Repair-
-Site Drainage & Sub Drain Installation-
-Retaining Wall Systems-
 -Demolition & Recycling-
-Erosion Control-
-Underground Utilities-
-Emergency Response Contracts-
-Public and Private Works-

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